Monday, 24 January 2011

Skirt and West

Skirt: Vintage, Blouse: H&M, Belt: Vintage, Tights: Topshop 

Today i was in a secondhand (just for locking), but i Buy a Skirt And a Cowboy jacket. The skirt was actually long, but i cut it, and i cut the sleeves of the jacket. 

On next tuesday, are there one months to i move, in a bigger and much beautiful house, i can't wait. And i get a new room, and new stuff to my room, i relly want my room to be like this, im just dreaming :) About an hour Laura is coming, and so are we taken to an lecture, booriing. 

Have a nice evening :)


  1. Really cute! I love the cowboy jacket so much! xx

  2. i like this style - simple, cool and cute :) and i looove the vest!

  3. The colours work so well together; lovely!

    Enjoy your new house and wow that room is lovely!

    Katie. x

  4. I love the outfit and how it goes along with the background. awesome!

  5. the jacket looks so good! I have a similar one and it goes with so many outfits! xx